The history of StudiTech dates back to 1992 when a group of "Ostankino" TV Technical Center sound engineers teamed up to introduce up to date technologies and design the pivotal directions of the professional sound support and upcoming industry of TV broadcasting.

Having worked at the audio professional equipment market for almost 11 years StudiTech professional team carried out dozens of complicated installations and projects and accumulated a solid experience and intellectual potential. Innovative approach, state-of-the-art technology and equipment let the company find the best solution for the customer needs.

At present StudiTech has the right to exclusively or officially distribute at the territory of Russia the professional audio/theatre equipment; therefore the company is able to provide for the customers and contractors the best possible delivery terms.

Along with equipment delivery StudiTech focuses on engineering and acoustic design of theatres and multipurpose venues, concert halls, sport facilities, restaurants, night clubs, discos, meeting rooms and control/studio facilities as well as carries out the "turn-key" installation, warranty and post warranty service, personnel training and consulting services.

At the moment Studitech features the following structure:

  • distribution department. StudiTech represents many manufacturers of a wide variety of equipment and componentry;
  • architectural segment tackling the architectural, construction and interior design issues along with contractor documentation;
  • technical and engineering department focusing on preparation (correction) of preliminary specifications, design of technical/technological parts of the projects, technical issue coordination with contractors, making of technical paperwork and records;
  • installation department - equipment assembling and tuning;
  • authorized service center - warranty and post warranty service.


Studitech is aimed at Russian/CIS professional audio market; therefore the site content is directed only for Russian-language audience. All necessary information can be received from the correspondence manufacturer sites. The rest of the information can be supplied by phone or by e-mail.

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