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 Product guide
 HME DX Series Catalog 2012


Наименование, модельРуководство
DX Series Intercom System
 DX Headsets & Accessories  
 Rack Mount Accessories  
 HSI6000 Splitter-Combiner  
 ANT20-6 Remote antenna installation  
 ANT20-30 Remote antenna installation  
 MD-XLR Dynamic Headset Adapter Installation  
 DX300 TravelCase Guide  
PRO850 Wireless Intercom System
 PRO850 2nd Receiver Installation  
 AC850 Specification  
 AC850 Charger Operations  
 Current Frequency Plan  
 Band 1/9 Frequencies  
 Band 2/A Frequencies  
 Band 4/C Frequencies  


Техническая информация
 Wi-Fi & 2.4GHz Cordless Interference
 Strategies for adaptive frequency hopping in the unlicensed bands
 HME DX200 vs. Telex BTR600 & BTR700
 DX200 Base Station Antenna Placement
 DX100 Initialization instructions if two or more base stations are used
 Configuration DX200 System for Football Game
 Configuration DX200 System for 2-Channel Operation
 DX300ES Basic Radio Application
 DX300ES Production Crew Application


Зарубежная пресса
 HME's DX121 at 2010 Winter Olympics (Lighting and Sound America)
 Harry Miyahira (System Сontractor Magazine, July 2007 issue)
 Choice Of Champions
 Audio Media Gear of the Year 2006


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