The history of company dates back to 1992 when a group of sound engineers gaining solid experience working for TV Technical Centre teamed up to establish the company enable to introduce up to date solutions to sound techniques for TV production of different origin. C.S. Company Ltd. was chosen as the name of the company.

The launch of the reforms in the former Soviet Union relaxed and enlivened the TV environment; new forms of shows and programs were introduced, such as live concerts, direct satellite "bridges", etc. Unfortunately, the potential of new initiatives has been limited by the lack of modern technology and equipment.

In this connection the company has sorted out the major directions concerning the provision of professional sound support in the upcoming TV industry.

The most pivotal of them are the following:

  • development of a flexible and efficient PA system supporting musical and live TV shows adapted for specific TV characteristics.
  • mobile Location Sound Recording Room used on parallel with the PA system for producing soundtrack and multitrack of the recorded TV program.
Later on in the early 1995 there came a decision to build a recording studio to enlarge the above-mentioned proposed services, the construction of which was finished at the end of 1996. The studio complex consisted of a studio itself built by of "box in the box" method, control room and mastering/dubbing studio.

This complex was able to carry out the variety of operation with sound of different levels of complexity.

We provided support in producing twenty daily and weekly programs for different Russian TV channels.

The following "live" concerts sound&multitracks were recorded with our participation:

  • music festivals - "Rock against Terror", "Blues in Russia";
  • Russian bands and leaders - I. Talkov, "Secret", "DDT", "Chay-F", "Rondo", "Crossroads" (studio recording);
  • foreign leaders and bands - Patricia Kaas in Moscow, A. Vollenweider & Friends, East 17, Sting ect.
Dubbing and mastering for "Rock against Terror" and "Blues in Russia" disks were part of our job as well.

Our company participated as a technical partner for TV version at the following music festivals: "Stupen k Parnasu" (Moscow), "Muz-ECO-90" (Donetsk), "Yalta", "Moscow-Yalta Transit", "Slavaynskiy Bazar" (Vitebsk).

Our company provided the complete technical support along with sound reinforcement and TV version for the music festival "Gardemarini" (Sochi).

Complementing the studio construction in the early 1996 the company set up the distribution department and started establishing contacts with the British and European manufacturers.

As a result of rearrangement in 1997-98 C.S.Company was divided into two companies - one of them is Studio Technologies Ltd. - briefly StudiTech Ltd.

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